Listen to our music and purchase

Below you can listen to the music of Desert Track. Some tracks are available in their entirety – others are just 30 second previews.

In the left hand side of the player, you can choose which album you wish to hear.
Choose frem “Transmission High Gear” or “Since You’ve been gone”.

Click on the song you wish to hear.

NB! The player may take a while before loading, but please be patient.


Buy our music as download or CD

If you wish to purchase our music, you can do so as download. Click the chopping cart in the player below. The purchase is made through – all payments and download is handled by


Order a CD

If you wish to purchase a good old-fashioned CD, this is also an option.
Please order your CD by sending an email to the

Please include the following information:

– Your full name
– Adress
– Zip-code
– City
– State
– Country

When your order has been received by Desert Track, you will receive an email containing payment options. You will not receive the email right away, because the order is handled manually by Desert Track themselves. Please be patient.

CD price is 20 euro (including shipment in the EU or to the US)
For countries outside the EU or US, additional shipment costs may apply.